Inspection Services

A standard inspection will check the overall structure of the home including the roof, plumbing, electrical, basement, water heater, heating/air-condition systems as well as many other aspects of the building. Other than general maintenance and basic fire and safety issues we’re looking for extensive repairs, improper building practices, defects and deficiencies.

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Inspection Services

Determining a building’s potential future income stream is complicated, and it consists if examining many physical and business aspects of a building. Our inspection process helps one practice their due diligence.
Asbestos Inspection

Highly thorough to ensure that your home or commercial property is free of this dangerous material. We want the best for your future.

Thermal Infrared Inspection
Thermal Infrared inspection is a very powerful noninvasive method to monitor and diagnose the infrared/thermal activity of homes, buildings and appliances.
New Build Home Inspections
100% quality check of newly built homes to ensure it was built to code and expectations not find any mistakes or updates needed after moving.
1-Year Builders Warranty Inspections

To assess any parts of the home that you have questions on that may have been missed in the initial inspection for added value of service.

Deck Inspection
6-point inspections allows for a full overview of your deck for integrity, structural, wood maintenance/prevention and support issues.
Chimney Inspections
Inspectors will perform a visual inspection with a flashlight, examining all areas of your chimney and flue that can be viewed without any special tools.
Crawlspace Inspections

Checking of supports, mold, joists, moisture content of the soil, ventilation and insulation of foundation. Also subterranean termite check.

Electrical Inspections
For any home newly built, renovated or expanded on the home. GFCI and AFCI tester used to detect any faults or crosses.
Radon Testing & Mitigation

Radon testing a necessary process in having a home being safe. Radon is the one of the leading causes of lung cancer; testing your home will ensure your family’s safety.

Mold Inspections

Conducted with a 48-hr turnaround and with the most high-tech equipment to assure the best quality mold inspection for your home.

Lead Based Paint Testing

Let Real Inspection take care of you and your home by testing common areas known to have lead or previously contained lead. We can keep you safe with testing and removal.

Well Water Inspection
Whether private, public or municipal, our inspectors test all sources to keep our clients informed on their water quality.


Inspection Services